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Mood and Anxiety Disorders - Erie St Clair

Mood disorders or affective disorders are characterized by disturbances of mood or emotional tone to the point where excessive and inappropriate depression or elation occurs. Mood disorders include obsessive-compulsive, depression, bipolar disorders (manic depression) and states of anxiety and panic.

For further listings see other topics under Mental Health, such as Community Mental Health Programs and Mental Health Hospital Programs.

These services serve all or part of Erie St Clair
Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent Branch - Sarnia Office  
210 Lochiel St, Sarnia, ON  N7T 4C7
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario - Chatham Peer Support  
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, 80 Grand Ave W, Erie Room, Chatham, ON  N7L 2J9
North Lambton Community Health Centre - West Lambton Community Health Centre - Living with Depression and Anxiety  
429 Exmouth St, Suite 100, Sarnia, ON  N7T 5P1

These services are located outside of Erie St Clair, but provide service to Erie St Clair.
Canadian Hearing Society - London Region - CONNECT Mental Health Counselling  
181 Wellington St, London, ON  N6B 2K9
519‑667‑3325 ext 232
Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) - Mood Disorders Clinic  
600 Sanatorium Rd, London, ON  N6H 3W7
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario  
36 Eglinton Ave W, Suite 602, Toronto, ON  M4R 1A1
Operational Stress Injury Social Support - Southwestern Ontario  
801 Commissioners Rd E, Rm H3055, London, ON  N6C 5J1
Peer Support: 519‑660‑5275 ext 5264 or 905‑572‑4041
St Joseph's Health Care London - Parkwood Institute - Mental Health Care Building - Treatment and Rehabilitation Program  
550 Wellington Rd, G3, H3, and G4, London, ON  N6A 4V2
519‑646‑6100 ext 47010
Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care - Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders  
Toanche Building, 500 Church St, Penetanguishene, ON  L9M 1G3