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Immunization Clinics - Erie St Clair

Immunization clinics offer programs that provide inoculations or other measures to prevent people from contracting specific controllable diseases.

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These services serve all or part of Erie St Clair
Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit - Clinic Services - Immunization   Chatham
Lambton (County of) - Lambton Public Health - Forest Office - Immunization Clinic   Forest
Lambton (County of) - Lambton Public Health - Immunization Clinic   Point Edward
Lambton (County of) - Lambton Public Health - Petrolia Immunization Clinic   Petrolia
Lambton (County of) - Lambton Public Health - Travel Immunization Clinic   Point Edward
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - Essex Office   Essex
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - Immunization Clinic   Windsor
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - Leamington Office   Leamington
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - Sexual Health Clinic   Windsor

These services are located outside of Erie St Clair, but provide service to Erie St Clair.
Canada. Public Health Agency of Canada - Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in Canada   Ottawa